Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lab: Book List

For my lab I created a book-list for the CNHS library. I asked the librarian what theme she would like for the book list and she had two ideas. One was Earth Day and one was Books into Movies. We decided on the movie theme because it would include more fiction books and our fiction collection will be available the longest. (We are packing up for the summer/big move and non-fiction is getting packed before fiction).

I used the internet to do research on newer YA books that have been made into movies. I tried to stick to popular culture titles from the last 5-7 years. I was pleased with my list; I checked against the CNHS catalog to verify we had the books.

The next steps in my process were for publicity, in addition to the physical list. With the help of the librarian I made a display in the display case featuring a few of the books from the list along with some special edition books featuring pictures from the movies Twilight, Hunger Games and Harry Potter. 

The last part of my project was a prezi show featuring the books on my list. I categorized them, used images of the book covers or movie covers  and set up the show.

Since it is near the end of the year it will be hard to tell how well the list helps in the library -- but I hope that it makes an appearance in our new library next school year.

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