Wednesday, May 2, 2012

  Sex, Murder and a Double Latte

Author: Kyra Davis
Genre: Chick Lit (Mystery Sub Genre)
Publication Date: 2006
Number of Pages:  (audio)
Geographical Setting: Seattle, WA
Time Period: Around 2003
Series (If applicable): Sophie Katz Mysteries: Passion, Betrayal And Killer, Obsession, Deceit, and Really Dark Chocolate, Lust, Loathing and a Little Lip Gloss, Vows, Vendettas and a Little Black Dress

Plot Summary:
Thriller scribe Sophie Katz is as hard-boiled as a woman who drinks Grande Caramel Brownie Frappuccinos can be. So Sophie knows it's not paranoia or post-divorce, living-alone-again jitters, when she becomes convinced that a crazed reader is sneaking into her apartment to reenact scenes from her books. The police, however, can't tell a good plot from an unmarked grave.

When a filmmaker friend is brutally murdered in the manner of a death scene in one of his movies, Sophie becomes convinced that a copycat killer is on the loose--and that she's the next target. If she doesn't solve the mystery, her own bestseller will spell out her doom. Cursing her grisly imagination (why, oh, why did she have to pick the ax?), Sophie engages in some real-life gumshoe tactics. The man who swoops in to save her in dark alleys is mysterious new love interest Anatoly Darinsky. Of course, if this were fiction, Anatoly would be her prime suspect....(

Subject Headings: : Mystery, Chick Lit
Appeal: Humorous, Witty, Female Detective, Fast Pace, Light-hearted with moments of slight suspense

Killer Heels, book one in the Molly Forester series by Sheryl J. Anderson

Advice columnist Molly stumbles across the dead body of a her coworker Teddy and decides to play amateur detective. So who's the main suspect? Teddy's wife; the boss he was carrying on with; or the model mistress? When a handsome homicide detective enters the scene, Molly's more determined than ever to be part of the investigation. Fluffy and fun.
Rebecca Vnuk, Read On…Women's Fiction (

Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum is out of work and hocking her furniture when she takes a job working for her questionable cousin Vinnie. As a green bounty hunter, Plum has her work cut out for her. Her first apprehension goal is an accused cop on the run –Joe Morelli and he just happens to be a romantic blast from her past, but that’s not deterring Plum. As Plum starts poking her nose in to the Morelli case she realizes she may have bitten off more than she could chew. When she’s saved from the misogynist boxer Ramirez by her target, Morelli, the seeds of a strange companionship are sewn. Walking the fine line between friend and enemy Stephanie and Morelli work to solve his case, clear Morelli’s name and most importantly, get Plum her $10,000 apprehension check.

Body Movers by Stephanie Bond, Body Movers Series

Carlotta Wren’s parents have to go on the lam to avoid prison, leaving her in charge of a younger brother and with no means of support. Sales clerking at Neiman Marcus may not be the best job, but at least it keeps the rent paid and gives her the opportunity to keep up with fashion. Various mysteries are under investigation here, but the pleasure is as much in Bond’s humor and witty tone and in the descriptions of the world of expensive clothes. Barry Trott, Reader's Advisor Online Update (

Dating Can be Deadly by Wendy Roberts

Tabitha Emery, gifted with the second sight, longs to drink butterscotch schnapps with her girlfriends, but instead finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation due to her premonitions, putting her own life in danger when the killer sets his sights on her.
Baker & Taylor (

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